Yoga & Fitness

Linda & Yoga in Sedona

“My background allows me to teach a gentle yet energizing yoga class incorporating qigong movement.”

Since 2002 I have been a certified instructor, RYT, teaching yoga in Crested Butte, Colorado and now in Sedona. I have my RYT in an Indra Devi method program called Spiritual Yoga Training. I chose this program as it was a gentle loving yoga program also focusing on spiritual awareness. This was the opposite of who I was, “The Type A” personality. Intuitively I knew this was a gift of balance for me. The Yin “feminine” with the Yang “Masculine.” I have also taken many workshops and advanced trainings through the years including Yogafit level 1 & 2, yogafit kids, ansura workshops, Iyengar yoga with Brenda Flemming and my mentor Monica Mesa is a Master Shiva Rea trainer.

My main passion is incorporating qigong spiral movement into my yoga in Sedona. This stemmed from being a Nia white belt teacher which incorporated dance, martial arts and healing arts into movement. I found my yoga needed more fluidity. Calley O’Neil a gift in my life had done this with her yoga teaching in Hawaii. I embraced this integration into my yoga practice. I have also studied Primordial Qigong & The Five Elements with Kenneth Cohen.


I teach the following fitness classes:

  • Cycling
  • Functional movement classes
  • TRX
  • Balance work ie. Bosu, foam roller
  • Water classes to for support, strength, balance, and aerobics

I am also a personal trainer: as a trainer I use functional life movements, balance work, yoga and a full “Being” approach. I teach balance in other areas of of life as well as fitness.