Mind + Body

Mind + Body

I use this approach to help you create a deep integration awareness of our inner being. Perfect for you to shift negative thought patterns and body disconnect to live life at an optimal level. We are so much more than what we think, we need to honor our body temple. To look at both Mind + Body is very powerful to create change.

As a Social worker (MSW) in Recovery work, the body was not integrated in the support for a client.  The body is a key part in trauma, recovery and growth, learning what is happening inside. I used “talk” counseling not integrating the body.  As a Bodywork, I can feel how the body (Nervous System) holds issues in the tissue. The body keeps score. The key is to integrate both in growth and healing.  I am currently working on being a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner . A program created by Peter Levine to heal our trauma history. “Waking the Tiger” was his first book. He has published several books. Working on Trauma that is held in the body led me to Amanda Blake. She wrote “Your Body is your Brain,” neuroscience and behavior science to validate the important’s of a mind body connection when creating change.

I also know from my own life journey how stress and trauma effects my mind and my body. I coach what I know from a personal level. In my own walk in life, using my body to create a calm state and discharge stress that comes into my way big and small is an important tool to reset the stress baseline in our nervous system. Also, when we move differently we can think differently!

Recovery & Trauma: I have used 12 Step programs for my own personal recovery before I was 20. Often trauma healing is part of the journey. I know how the body and the mind are part of the recovery. Through coaching, goals can be reached on how you want to make a new tomorrow.

Stress Management: Over 75 % of adults, suffer from stress. Forty million adults suffer from anxiety. This is stress in a different form. Is it an Epidemic or pandemic? These can be imprinted through our family. We need to find Resilient pathways. I will teach you, through body based Movement forms how to access a new way of being.

Meditation skills: Learning meditation to calm the mind is important but more important how to take it into our daily life.

Somatic Healing: Helps to have greater awareness of how we move in our body’s. Our Body’s Keep score. We have triggers because the body does not know time. We need to clear the history/stories that do not serve us. Also, to sense how we move in our bodies, reduce stress and explore emotions that may sit in the body.

Energy Medicine Yoga: It corporates yoga with Energy Medicine by Donna Eden. Lauren Walker created the bridge. The key is to work with our energy. We work on meridian lines, spiral movements, chakra’s, the five elements/emotions in the elements and other energies to increase energy in our body. Our bodies are electromagnetic. We want our bodies to move in balance and ease.

Chakra support: Integrating movements that target specific chakra’s and educating what the seven main chakra’s are  in our body.

Qigong: This is an ancient movement form from China. I teach Primordial Five Elements honoring our organs.

Meditative Movement: A Buddhist Tibetan gentle standing movement form that I learned in Thailand. I have interwoven western movement forms to target what our bodies in todays world need