Massage & Bodywork

Massage Benefits

  • Massage improves circulation. The increased blood flow improves the skin.
  • Muscles that have been overworked are softened by massage.
  • Cramping and spasming can be reduced by massage, and joint flexibility is increased.
  • Massage promotes healing in the body, which reduces recovery time after an injury.
  • Overall, simple touch is one of the most overlooked healers. Touch provides not only physical comfort, but emotional comfort as well. which makes massage such a powerful — and easy to use — tool for the relief of tension and stress. Our first Sense developed is Touch!

Swedish Massage

Enjoy a relaxing massage with long strokes using light to firm pressure to help soothe the nervous system, release toxins, increase oxygen, and reduce tension.


Is a gentle, non invasive system of healing which supports the body to find its natural ability to heal and finds balance. The work is osteopathically based which is highly effective in healing injuries, chronic stress and pains due to structural and postural imbalances.

Neuro Muscular Bodywork

Rehab for injury, healing and diminishing chronic pain, relieving chronic postural problems and enhancement of athletic performance and coordination.

Sports/Deep Massage

An active massage where deeper pressure is used to help flush and re-organize sore muscles, restore balance, and avoid injury. Includes neuromuscular techniques, and assisted stretching. This massage is geared toward athletes of any kind, from world class professionals to weekend joggers. Focuses on areas of the body that are over used and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movement.


An ancient, Chinese form of alternative therapy, in which I put special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. Used for pain, muscle tension, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being. I use silicone cups. It can leave temporary marks on the skin.


A spiritual healing art that has its roots in Japan. It is energy work supporting healing, hands off the body or a light touch to the body. I incorporate Chakra affirmation work in to the session.

Lymphatic Massage

This massage is performed with very light pressure in order to encourage a healthy immune system, flush toxins, and increase metabolism.

Chakra Bodywork

We have seven main chakras in the human body.  They serve as centers of energy and have related organs with each chakra. Unresolved traumas can leave holes in the chakras that can block and lose energy. This can lead to physical problems in that area. I will use aroma therapy as we move up the body from the feet to the head to work on each chakra. I will explain key elements in each chakra. It allows for client input and processing.

Excellent stress reduction support. Facilitating healing on a deep and lasting level helping the client to be on purpose in life.

Relaxation and Meditation Techniques

Breath work as well as meditation support for relaxation, inner exploration, process work and healing.

Energy Balancing and Clearing

I will guide you through a meditation allowing you to let go of what is not serving you and replace it with what you are wanting in your life. We will do a sage ritual clearing out the old and allowing for new energy. I will use a  gentle touch in the massage to bring in support and healing.


I am a Practitioner in Watsu. “Wat” is for Water and “Su” is for Shiatsu. Shiatsu uses assisted stretching and point work in bodywork. This  aquatic bodywork used for deep relaxation and stretching. It is a one-one-one session in which I gentle cradle, move, stretch and massage you in chest deep body temperature warm water.