Linda "Linder" Olesen Bodywork

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Sedona Massage Therapy

My journey began long before Sedona massage. The body’s ability to balance and heal itself mentally and physically has always fascinated me. I worked as a Social Worker for many years focusing on improving a client’s quality of life. After children, I chose a path of health incorporating yoga, self care Ortho-Bionomy therapeutic poses, qigong and fitness intertwining Eastern and Western philosophy’s focusing on a balanced life as we live to the fullest. I have been a certified trainer and yoga instructor since 2003, specializing in posture support, foam roller, functional training, water bodywork, and a holistic nutrition & lifestyle approach. This path provided a natural segway into Linda Olesen Bodywork and Sedona Massage. Using my background of yoga and fitness with a one-on-one approach supporting another in healing and improving health. It also allows me to give my clients tools to work on challenges in their body.

About Linda "Linder"

My greatest passion is being a mother to twin girls! I have taught classes at Western College on how we create balance in our lives spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually while incorporating dance, qigong, yoga, chakra awareness meditation and breath-work. As a yoga teacher I found my path into bodywork through Thai Massage. I loved the fitness movement element of the work. I love the Thai culture and the Thai people. I segwayed into a 1000 hour massage program at Mountain Heart school of bodywork. After the massage program I finished as a level 3 Reiki teacher and Ortho-Bionomy associate, a gentle but powerful bodywork. I stand apart from the competition because I am constantly challenging and educating myself and I am one of few registered thai therapist, RTT, in Sedona with extensive training in this area of bodywork. Welcome to Linda Olesen Bodywork and Sedona massage.